Directions and Parking

Halloween Town is being hosted by Purity Spring Resort on the grounds of Tohkomeupog, a summer camp for boys in East Madison, NH. Tohkomeupog is located at 2151 East Madison Road, near the junction of Eaton Road (Rt. 153) and next to King Pine Ski Area. Parking is at the King Pine parking lot. You may walk or take a shuttle to Halloween Town from the parking lot.

Where should we park…?

There will be NO parking available at the event itself. Cars will be directed to park in one of the King Pine Ski Area parking lots. Transportation between parking areas and Halloween Town will be available by Shuttle Bus, provided by Purity Spring Resort. Walking is also permitted.

A section designated as ‘handicapped parking’ will be blocked off, yet available for visitors needing extra assistance. This area will be located in Halloween Town, and monitored by volunteers. We are expecting a big turnout for this event and will make every effort to facilitate parking.