Do we need money to enjoy Halloween Town…?

As mentioned above, thanks to the support we have received from the community, there will be NO Admission Fee for this event. We want the kids to come and enjoy! There will, however, be opportunities to spend money at Halloween Town.

The Food Court will be open starting at 3:00PM – lots of yummy options to consider. There may be souvenir items for sale. Tethered Hot Air Balloon Rides and Amusement Rides (Dizzy Dragon) will require purchase of a ticket. Remember – all proceeds from sales will benefit the Laura Foundation.

There will also be opportunities at Halloween Town to make personal donations directly to the Foundation. We hope you will appreciate and enjoy this event so much that you will consider making a voluntary contribution. We can use all the support we can get – please consider helping us out.

It is our hope that Halloween Town will offer kids a safe and entertaining way to enjoy the holiday… and that it will continue to be an annual tradition in the valley. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me at Halloween Town Headquarters: 603-367-4010.